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This is the AR cat simulator game

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Welcome to the world of whole new technology of Augmented Reality (AR) with different AR simulator game. This is the AR cat simulator game with lot of more fun features for caressing your cat and looking after the cute cat game. Enter into the world of virtual reality where you will experience the AR technology in 3D simulation games.

Point the camera on any flat surface in your surrounding whether it is table, floor, wall or anything. Place your cute pet cat on that surface and have unlimited fun. Play with your pet fluffy cat in your own garden through AR technology. You can play with your virtual AR cat in your bedroom, living room or in your office.

Each AR cat has a unique personality with specific preferences for you to uncover. Take pictures with your newest addition for all to see, you can even create your own social media following just for cat. Using augmented reality, you will have all the benefits of owning your own cat with the added bonus of taking it with you wherever you go.

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