Burberry: Try-on Sunglasses

Burberry: Try-on Sunglasses Live

Try-on Burberry sunglasses in Augmented Reality with the Snapchat app

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Our partners helped Burberry to design a superior quality 3D model for its sunglasses. Using Lens Studio software, they integrated a real-time try-on feature. As a result, customers can try-on Burberry sunglasses in the Snapchat app. You can order a similar project for of your any eyewear model. Let your customers try-on your products in Augmented Reality. Our partners/developers offer the following scope of work:

  • Designing a new realistic 3D model for your product (one item included)
  • Scripting in the Lens Studio software
  • Testing & realizing
  • Pay $100 to get an additional eyewear model/product

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