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A pioneer in AR, Bubiko is a little chef from Thailand


Bubiko was created to allow us to gain experience with 3D models in AR/spatial computing. Bubiko has experience with Spark AR, ARKit, 8th wall and the Tranzient VR music app. Bubiko is also open to branding opportunities and will ultimately be in videos, especially cooking programs. Check BubikoFoodtour out on Instagram! Bubiko Foodtour's Unusual Guide to Augmented Reality is now on Amazon, and recommended for both beginners and seasoned AR pros.

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Working with Bubiko Foodtour has allowed me to learn how to be an efficient and creative AR  producer. As for using Bubiko, we are open to cross-promotion with all kinds of people in the AR community, such as software makers, developers and those looking for content. We are also working on a series of videos featuring videos.

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