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Instagram Effect for Isabella Ratti's Books

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Isabella Ratti contacted Damiano in terms of developing the Instagram effect. The idea was to reach out to potential readers and followers through the AR effect posted on Isabella Ratti's account. Damiano created fully custom 3D models and additional animation for a few new books. Then using Spark AR studio software, Damiano augmented these books, added motion graphics, effects designed. As a result, readers (Instagram users) became able to see how augmented books popups from a black magic portal right in their physical spaces. Moreover, readers can switch between two projects and discover a new AR experience.

Isabella commissioned a dozen filters to reach her target audience with her image academy, print and augmented reality books.

With custom animated gifs and AR filters, it has increased its visibility on social media.

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How to Use it

Frame the floor with the instagram camera and tap on the display to make the book appear from the magic hole along with the glitter and smoke.

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