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What is the value of Beauty ?

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Want to feel yourself in the Barbie doll package? This Instagram AR effect by Justin Laurent can help to make it happen.

Activate this effect using your Instagram app, and you will see your face instantly inside a transparent box. Some additional text, like Beauty and $7.99 (price tag), appears directly on the Barbie doll package. The background of your video or photo is changing to pink or black mode depends on the state.

Moreover, your skin will become shiny and glossy. Freckles will cover your entire face. The magic stars effect will fall right out of the package when you move your head around.

How to Use it

You need to have an Instagram app to use this AR filter.

This lens contains some hidden tricks. Tap once, and the pink background will be replaced with a black one. Also, you will get a cat eyes effect.

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