Bajeczny Barbakan

Bajeczny Barbakan Ended

Welcome to enchanted Barbakan, where every stone remembers Krakow's history, its outstanding heroes and... villains from fairies to legends. Awaken your imagination!

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Bajeczny Barbakan is a unique interactive show in the historic center of Krakow. Right in the fortress. The project combines Light figures, Mapping, and Augmented Reality. Augma Studio was involved in the creation of AR Experience. We used Spark AR to promote the event on social media, and directly at the show. Our unique AR Stands have made people feel like heroes of historical Krakow legends. The camera recognized the face and superimposed it on a moving 3D model of the hero. The character responded to people's emotions and movements. 5 Stands, 5 Unique Legends.

Thousands of people from all over the world have visited this show. G.Britain, Spain, USA, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, Korea....and of course locals.

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