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This application has received great demand among enterprises that are engaged in the production of office and home furniture, trade, and design solutions for different types.

Augmently is an Augmented Reality app that simplifies marketing, sales, and design by viewing full-scale 3D furniture models using your Android smartphone or tablet. This app has been built by using ARCore SDK.

The developers of the application also released a way for Customers who want to buy furniture. Through Augmented and Mixed Reality experience, sales can showcase furniture and other related products in their own spaces. Thanks to Augmently, this case increases customer engagement and level of service.

There are a few simple steps to start discovering furniture though AR:

1. Open the Augmently app and scan the floor
2. Choose the furniture you like from the catalog
3. Select different colors and textures
4. Discover AR furniture

Inside the app, there is a function to take a picture and record a video. As a result, by using Augmently, sales can share records with customers, marketers, and designers.

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