Augmented Reality Event Cakes

Augmented Reality Event Cakes Live

Aircards integrated their app-less AR technology with custom cupcake icing printing to be used for corporate events.

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Using WebAR technology, Aircards partnered with Print Cakes to add a layer of interactivity to their corporate cupcake offering, allowing brands to deliver engaging AR experiences that are activated through scanning the top of the cupcake. Smart image detection software recognises the graphic printed onto the cupcake and displays a personal video message or 3D animation.

How to Use it

To view the Augmented Reality cakes, event attendees can collect their cake from the cake table where they are greeted by a printed strut card with clear activation instructions. Attendees can either scan the QR code on the printed card, or navigate to the unique URL within their mobile web browser. Once scanned, attendees are instructed to point their camera at the cake to view the AR experience.

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