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Artist in You is an Instagram filter created to share a unique experience that every creator has. Inspired by the artworks of Mathilde Fages and Juliette Déjoué and created for the French Spring Festival in Ukraine.

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The French Spring is an annual multidisciplinary festival organized by the French Institute of Ukraine which usually takes place during the whole month of April. This year, the 17th French Spring should have been organized around the theme: "Journeys from Elsewhere" with AR effects to be used for the first time, but, unfortunately, it is postponed due to COVID-19. The mission of this project was to bring life to the new visual identity and create both promo video and viral AR filters for visual art events of the festival. Bright elements of the labyrinth, as well as artworks at the main exhibition by Mathilde Fages and Juliette Déjoué, inspired the style of the filters. Instagram masks reflect the mood of the festival and invite to feel and show the other, artistic side of every person.

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You may use this effect as an Instagram filter, simply click on the URL to access it

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