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The easiest way to add Snapchat-like AR features to your app- we include a free SDK, AR content archive and web console.

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ARGear is the easiest way to integrate AR functionalities into any app. Our completely free-to-use SDK provides a plug-and-play AR camera as well as access to hundreds of hand-crafted AR filters, stickers, and masks.

Every day, more and more social apps are being introduced with some kind of AR features inside. But when we set out to create our own, we couldn’t find a robust, free solution to integrate into our app quickly and easily. Any free SDKs we did come across required heavy modification and engineering work. Not to mention we couldn’t find a readily available library of AR effects or filters.

So we set out on a journey to create the ultimate AR camera platform that offers Snapchat-level quality and content customization.

App developers aiming to add AR camera features to their own projects no longer need to scour the web for developer tools and different sample code to create their own software, they simply port ARGear and can add these features. On top of that, they can access ARGear’s robust content library and CMS console.

Content is a big pain point of AR SDK users, and this is one of ARGear’s biggest strengths. ARGear’s content creation team is constantly cranking out new content to fit AR’s biggest trends to keep users engaged. This content is available for use in our content library. Most of the content is free.

How to Use it

1. Go to
2. Start a project.
3. Download the relevant SDK (Android, iOS, and Unity available now)
4. Download content and upload it to your app
5. Enjoy!

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