Our mission is to make top-notch augmented reality technology available for the companies that produce furniture and want to gain more clients.

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At AR-RANGE we believe that e-commerce and augmented reality are the future of retail. That’s why we developed an unrivaled platform powered by AR, which will change furniture design business. We aim at providing an intuitive solution that enables your clients to customize furniture pieces you create or resell. We’re here for you, ready to support your business by implementing an external tool that introduces our standard of PPA (Personalization, Presentation, Automation).
Furniture production business lacks hi-tech selling solutions, which actually are highly sought-after by potential customers. Try to think about 5 furniture companies that enable their clients to easily customize available products. Having difficulties? It’s because most furniture producers that have the potential to do so lack proper resources and technology.
Thanks to AR-RANGE you can:

- create a one-of-a-kind configurator,
- automate internal and external workflow,
- gain cost optimization within a production process,
- enable your potential clients to make a preview of furniture at their homes.

Unleash your clients’ creativity and let them design furniture in line with their individual preferences.

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