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Your Own Augmented Reality World

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Make your imagination become true. Make your own world, what you imagine with the help of Augmented Reality. AR Loka becomes allowing anyone to Augment their world around them. People can customize their surroundings and interact with the new world they create. Friends and family enjoying to create their Own Augmented Reality world. Once you know what is Augmented Reality and how Augmented Reality work to create a 3D object to create your Augmented Reality world.

The Expression Augmented Reality, often abbreviated to AR, that refers to be a simple combination of real and virtual ( Computer Generated ) worlds. Given a real subject, captured on video or camera, the technology β€˜ Augments β€˜ that real-world image with some extra layers of digital information. Those of us who enjoy watching television coverage of Sports that will already have experienced a basic form of Augmented Reality in action. The picture on the Cricket pitch on which can logo for a well - known sponsor miraculously appears shown as a simple demo of Augmented Reality.

When it comes to creating an Augmented Reality world, then AR Loka app creates some advanced augmented reality through 3D objects in the real world. AR Loka creates 3D objects by enhancing technology. AR Loka can be allowing users to place 3D objects. By the phone camera, anyone can create their real world.

Create Your Augmented Reality World With AR Loka

You can create your Augmented Reality world with AR Loka. You have to just add your 3D realistic object and see your object in your real world. When you drop your 3D object at that time you also resize your AR object in exact position. You can capture all this moment in photo or video and share it with your family and friends.

AR Loka Features
- AR Loka can create your Augmented Reality with 3D objects.
- Place 3D objects and take photos or videos.
- Share the Augmented Reality world with your family and friends.
- Resize your AR objects and set whatever you want
- "Mirror" other scenes to enhance your surroundings.
- Build your own profile
- View another latest Augmented Reality videos
- Create an AR world with indoor, outdoor, pool, animals and many more
- Share Augmented Reality moments on social media.

So, you also create your own Augmented Reality World with AR Loka. Enjoy your imaginary world with your family and friends.

How to Use it

When your download procedure is completed then you have to put your Augmented Reality object that given in this app or you also choose your own AR object. your object are shown in your real world, you can also stretch your object as well. If you want to capture this moment then you can also send your this Augmented Reality world to your family and friends.  so, it is simple and easy to use.

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