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Bring your anime character to life with this Snapchat effect

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This Snapсhat effect by Bin Omair will bring the anime hero to life.

Anime is Japanese animation. The history of this type of animation dates back to the 20th century when Japanese filmmakers began their first experiments with animation techniques. Over the almost century-old history of anime, it has come a long way from the first experiments to its current huge popularity around the world. Over the years, the plots of anime, originally intended for children, became more complex, the problems discussed became more serious.

By activating this effect, you will see that your face has been replaced by an animated hero. Incredible character detail with the preservation of facial expressions and gestures, it's impressive. Talking eyes, wide eyebrows and cute freckles, this filter will suit any girl.

If you are a fan of this type of animation, then you should try this AR lens.

How to Use it

If you are using Catchar from the laptop or desktop, you have to click on the "UNLOCK THIS AR LENS" button. Then, a QR code will open and you can scan it by pointing your smartphone at the screen. Note that the newest OS phone versions allow scanning QR codes with default camera. Once you scan it, the Snapchat app will open with an unlocked AR effect. You need to have the Snapchat app installed.

If you are using a smartphone, you have to click on the "UNLOCK THIS AR LENS" button and then you will be automatically redirected to Snapchat website with unlocked AR effect. You need to have the Snapchat app installed.

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