Blue Sky Paint

Draw on the sky with friends

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Blue Sky Paint is an Augmented Reality app that lets you draw on the sky for all to see.

It turns the sky above you into an ever-changing, collaborative art piece that everyone can be a part of, and is also a fun way to shoutout your friends, school, or favorite local places. 

It also changes the way events are experienced: sports fans can "battle for the skies” above the stadium in support of their team, concertgoers can draw venue-wide light shows together in real-time, and any gathering, expo, or festival can become as vivid in the sky as it is on the ground.

Blue Sky Paint is the first and only app with sky occlusion, an augmented reality technology that puts digital objects behind landscapes, trees, and buildings, effectively making drawings look like they’re in the sky.

The sky is limitless when your sky is a canvas.


How to use it?

1) Look up at the sky
2) Draw something fun
3) Invite your friends
4) Have fun drawing together


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