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If you want to feel yourself back in the 1980s USSR, this Augmented Reality Instagram effect by elya.boz will definitely help you. You will get a chance to transform yourself into a typical man of that time. 

So how actually typical men of that time looked like in USSR. "Petushok" hat was the primary headdress in the winter. Also, oversized trendy eyewear, named "TELEVISORS" among people, was popular in the 1980s. Rough mustaches were part of the look at that time.

This Instagram lens also has a falling snow effect. Moreover, some vintage and old TV effects are available. As a result, it looks perfect for wintertime.

How to Use it

Some hidden tricks are available for that lens.
Tap one to stop the falling snow effect.
Tap one more time to take away Petushok" hat.
Top again to take away mustache.

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