Сosmo Invaders

Сosmo Invaders Live

A thrilling Augmented Reality experience.

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After choosing a difficulty, the player is free to tap on any surface (table, grass, etc) to spawn the planet Earth on it. (You have the option to scale the game if you want in pause and main menu.) A swarm of UFOs will then spawn some distance away, bent on doing terrible things to our home planet! Use your trusty laser cannon to quickly shoot them down, before they can reach the Earth (and before the next wave is upon you)!

The AR Invaders' Earth has 7,000,0000,000 people on it in the beginning; each hit from a small UFO will consume between 100 to 200 million 'hitpoints'. Ouch!

In AR Invaders, the waves will intensify with time, spawning increasing amounts of faster and/or more lethal UFOs. A loss will eventually be inevitable; as in the original Space Invaders, the aim is simply to amass the highest kill count to date. In the menu before game start, a world-wide and personal high score list can be seen for each difficulty.

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