What’s the Best Alternative for HP Reveal — Aurasma
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What’s the Best Alternative for HP Reveal — Aurasma

With nearly a decade of existence, HP Revel aka Aurasma was the platform everyone referred to for creating augmented reality experiences. The super popular AR app with almost 100,000 global users was shut down this year leaving its users in a muddle and tumult over how and where to create and host their AR experiences.

If you are one of them looking for a great HP Reveal — Aurasma alternative, keep on reading.

Hint: I’ve also prepared a nice bonus for you in the end. So, stick with me.

But first, let’s find out what were the features that made HP Reveal — Aurasma convenient to use and make sure that the new alternative is just as good or better.

  • The HP Reveal — Auramsa app was free to download in both Apple Store and Play Market.
  • It had ready-made content which you could use to create AR experiences or you could create your own customized AR assets.
  • It had sharing options — both printed and for social media, enabling you to easily share your creations with your audience.

How HP Reveal -Aurasma worked?

You launched the HP Raveal — Aurasma app, pointed the camera scanner on an image (marker) and the video or animation you previously added to the Aurasma studio would play once the camera recognized that image. Pretty straightforward, isn’t it?

The ease of use and interactivity made Aurasma a truly convenient AR creation tool for so many users, especially teachers who were able to create new dimensions of instruction.

This is why so many people were left upset when HP announced the shutdown of all HP Reveal’s products. Many have since been in search of an equally good and affordable AR creation tool, often with no avail.

That’s why I decided to put this article together to walk you towards what might become your new favorite AR creation app.

So, without further ado, let’s find out what is the best alternative to HP Reveal — Aurasma currently available on the market.

ARLOOPA — the best alternative to Aurasma

Aurasma’s Studio was the place where users created the experiences to be then viewed in the app. It allowed you to create your own experience without the need to refer to an AR developer. So an equally great alternative would be one that offers at least the same possibilities.

ARLOOPA is an augmented reality platform that offers the same and even more functionality than Aurasma used to.

ARLOOPA also offers a studio where you can attach content to your markers and also to specific locations on the globe.

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All you need to do is register at https://studio.arloopa.com and choose the type of AR experience. The rest is very intuitive.

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Please note that the ARLOOPA Studio is still in Beta stage and sometimes you may experience slight inconveniences. The team is actively working to improve user experience and eliminate any bugs.

With ARLOOPA you can activate printed materials like flyers, brochures, product catalogs or artworks. The app’s camera recognizes the marker and places digital content over it.

To give you a better understanding of how the application works and compare it with Aurasma, let’s break it down into digestible points.

  • The ARLOOPA app is free to download for both iOS and Android users.
  • The app offers a ready-made 3D models library, which you can use to combine 3D models and create different AR scenarios.
  • Marker-based augmented reality, which means that you can activate any types of images and printed materials by adding video, animation or audio content to it.
  • Markerless augmented reality — this makes things even easier. You just choose the models from the Library (which has a variety of categories, like Human, Animals, Science, ete.) and place them in your environment.
  • Location-based AR — an epic functionality that lets you attach your content to any specific geographical location.

You can create FREE location-based AR experiences for a limited time in the ARLOOPA Studio.

Capturing and social sharing — the capturing buttons in the app allow you to take photos, videos, and GIFs of your experience and the social buttons allow you to share your experience online instantly.

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What ARLOOPA offers for teachers?

The short answer is unlimited opportunities.

A more detailed answer would be:

A portable learning material you can carry to the classroom or use during your ZOOM lessons and presentations.

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All you have to do is add your content (video, audio, animations) to an image then scan it with the ARLOOPA app anywhere and anytime you need it.

You can thus visualize abstract concepts and make it more understandable for students or just convey more information that isn’t convenient to do on a piece of paper.

What ARLOOPA offers for artists?

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ARLOOPA can serve artists as a tool for expressing extra creativity. Artists can use the app to bring their artworks to life with the use of augmented reality. Just add a video story of your artwork to its image counterpart and help your audience connect with your work more effectively.

What’s more? You can create virtual art exhibitions anywhere in the world reaching the masses.

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What ARLOOPA offers for marketers?

ARLOOPA’s augmented reality functionality can serve as a new sales channel for marketers, especially for content and social media marketers.

We all know that moment when you keep straining your brain what else to post today. Open the app and you have a source of inspiration.

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Add relevant 3D models in your camera view, create scenarios and share with your audience directly from the app. It doesn’t get easier, does it?

The app can also be used to activate product catalogs and wow customers during presentations and planning.

What ARLOOPA offers for video bloggers?

Tools to create fantastic videos with special effects and with no special skills.


Many video bloggers already use ARLOOPA to enrich their videos with digital creatures, while some even shoot short films featuring digital creatures that form the plot.

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The vast majority of the ready-made content is free to experience with ARLOOPA. You, however, need to pay a small monthly fee for customized marker-based activation. And here comes your bonus for sticking with me so long.

Are you ready to create great things with ARLOOPA? Contact them with the code AR-TERNATIVE and get an instant 10% off any personalized activation.