What is XR.+ And how does it work?

What is XR.+ And how does it work?

As a team producing mobile applications, we often faced the problem of our customers, which we call "yet another app to download". Our customers have noticed a decrease in users' interest in downloading dedicated applications. That is why we came up with the idea to transfer AR experiences from mobile apps to mobile browsers: this is XR.+. 

What is XR.+ And how does it work?

XR.plus is a platform based on WebAR technology, thanks to which you can create, publish and share AR experiences. XR.plus for the end-user does not require any extra installation, just type a short web address in the web browser, point the device camera at the appropriate marker and boom! 

Everyone can set up a free account on xr.plus to share their work with others. 

Creators from around the world can import 3D models, photos and videos to create interactive AR scenes with or without image tracking. The platform has a full web editor in which you can adjust the scale of 3D objects, assign them materials, set lighting, and then go to the interaction module to setup animation, sounds, videos... 

Once published, a scene can be enjoyed by everyone to whom the link or QR code has been shared.

What is WebAR?

WebAR enables the access and distribution of augmented reality through a web browser. Using web AR, you can create amazing experiennces in AR and deplouy it on any website. The advantage of this technology is the availability and convenience of use. Everyone has a phone with a camera, so everyone can access web AR experiences

You can fit your next furniture through your mobile!


Application of XR.plus

XR.+ is a useful tool for marketing agencies, cultural institutions, online stores and anyone who would like to present a product, event or work of art in an interesting way. The store owner can use AR in their product catalog so that customers can look at the goods from all sides. Augmented reality works well on posters, leaflets or tickets as an additional attraction for guests. Whereas museums and art galleries use AR to enrich exhibitions with information, interaction and fun.


What are the benefits of XR.plus? 

XR.+ is a simple and cost-effective solution. With the scene editor and interaction modules, the user has full control over what he publishes. XR.plus also offers access to project statistics, as a result of which the user gains information about daily views.


WebAR technology and platforms like XR.+ are becoming more and more popular and their potential is still being developed. We invite everyone to check XR.+! 

If you are considering using WebAR in your company and have questions, write to us - we will be happy to advise you and help you choose the best option.

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