Top 5 best AR Instagram effects and experiences of December
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Top 5 best AR Instagram effects and experiences of December

Hey, Catchar community ? Our team has started writing about the best and top monthly Augmented Reality effects, filters, and experiences for Instagram. Here we go with our first digest of the best projects that we have in December 2019.

AR tiger mural

149 upvotes | link

This is a very awesome Augmented Reality experience that works through scanning of the mural. The project was submitted to our directory by Jovica Nastovski. The artwork is done by Mexican street artist Farid Rueda. From my side, I very like how 3D visuals, animations, and effects look like. This work is very quality and it seems our users also have the same opinion if we check the rating of this project.

I didn’t have a chance to try it with the real target image since this mural is located in Skopje, Macedonia ? But it would be nice to see and understand how the Instagram target image engine works with the long distances. What I see on the demo video it should work well, even up to 10 meters (32 ft.).

Paul Dog Instagram effect

109 upvotes | link

A cute puppy by Kym Fiala is gained around 109 upvotes. This AR experience was built by using Spark AR studio and it works through SLAM technology. Meaning, you can place an AR Paul Dog to any surface.

My feedback would be next... This Paul Dog is nice but I feel a lack of features and ability to interact with this AR experience. The ability to use gestures or taps could provide better user experiences and engagement.

Delorean AR Instagram experience

107 upvotes | link

If you are a fan of Back To The Future movie or Delorean car, you definitely have to try this AR experience that works through the Instagram app. Luke Hurd who is the creator of this project made a huge job in terms of 3D detalization and overall development. As a result, 107 upvotes on our website.

Our team tried Delorean AR experience by ourselves and enjoyed it. Especially that I was able to discover the car interior.

MIB AR Instagram effect

77 upvotes | link

Remember one of the parts of Men in Black movie when the alien was inside the had of some guy. I believe that Kym Fiala has been inspired by this episode when he was working on the Instagram AR effect.

During the testing, I liked the details, depth, and animation of this effect. Feel free to get it from Catchar and surprise your friends.

Cyberpunk AR filter

75 upvotes | link

75 upvotes for Cyberpunk filter made by Stefan Vlajic. Since I’m a fan of cyberpunk I tried it by myself. Details and effects are good. You can easily transform your look into a cyborg through this AR filter.