Teaching kids about the Corona Virus with AR

Teaching kids about the Corona Virus with AR

Stephen Black
By Stephen Black

I have been concerned with health for as long as I can remember.

I am also very involved with AR...

Facereplaced, coronoI wanted to test an idea, using a lighthearted approach to talk about the Corona situation. At breakfast I mentioned a few ideas to my mom, and an hour later, we had the result above.

Yes it could be edited. The sound drops out. The camerawork is amateurish. The truth is that I didn't realize I was recording.

But there is a charm to the video, and a few concepts that I do not want to analyze too much.

The software is called FaceReplaced, and it is in beta. One result of this was that, at first, it appeared upside down when we put it on Facebook... Somehow, even that seemed appropriate for these times...