Spark AR Game Template: Flappy Bee
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Spark AR Game Template: Flappy Bee


Hello All Creator!

Today i share the new game template is: Flappy Bee.

- Work well with Spark AR Studio v120+

For this game, i will provide 2 option:

  • Follow Head: Move your head to control the bird
  • Blinking: Blink to help the bird fly (like flappy bird)

For each mode, i provide 3 themes:

  • Unicorn: The character is the unicorn playing the Candy world
  • Bee & Flowers: The bee flies in the sunflower garden
  • Crazy bird: The bird flies over the devastated forest

And i also do some theme of graphic to help people can change it easy!

Check it here:

How to use it:

Extracting the root folder will see 3 subfolders:

  • Template for Blinking mode
  • Template for follow head mode
  • Design files.

Open the Assets folder and design your game. Then replace the visual and enjoy your filter

Check it here: