Instagram Augmented Reality for Beginners ?
Spark AR

Instagram Augmented Reality for Beginners ?

NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: Learning how to create augmented reality effects for Instagram has become easier than ever, allowing literally anyone to create an experience that could deliver joy, spark curiosity, or even advocate for social justice!

This is the official start of our switch to FREE virtual live events, allowing our events to reach 10,000+ live attendees around the globe! Feel free to type any questions into the Q&A chat window, and stick around for our open breakdown at the end!

Spark AR is the free software that allows creators to make effects that can be used on Facebook or Instagram! Available on both Android and iOS, Spark AR has created a core collection of visual effects that don't require any programming knowledge. In this live event, Casey will cover the absolute basics you need to start working with this powerful new tool!

0:00 - Doors Open!

17:22 - Setting Up Spark AR

28:19 - Safari Hat Effect

39:39 - Uploading Effects to Instagram/Facebook

48:14 - Custom Background Effects

50:19 - Santa Hat Reveal Effect

55:55 - 1001 Butterflies Announcement

57:03 - Next Meetup Announced!

AR Today Online sessions are recorded, but may not be immediately available on our official Near Future Marketing YouTube channel.

Watch this session live on your Desktop or Mobile device!

Spark AR Requirements: Windows 10 or macOS Catalina

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