How to find a good augmented reality job

How to find a good augmented reality job

Augmented reality (AR) is an emerging technology that can improve our lives in countless ways. But finding the jobs that use it best, well, not so much. You’ll have to know it from every perspective of monetization and get the potential employer to believe that you’ll contribute productively in a market that really require AR. 

The fact is, augmented reality is making its way into dozens of different industries and sectors, from medicine and transportation to retail. Any task kept up with the help of AR can be done in a great variety of ways. So when the challengers need to find a job that takes advantage of it, they usually face a lot of options. That doesn’t mean they’ll immediately know if they’re going to be the right fit. It takes a bit of work. 

A fair approach 

Augmented reality is exciting, of course, but it’s not the main point. Look at the subject more widely. There’s a ton of different kinds of AR, some of which aren’t being used for their full potential, but still exciting. For people who are inspired about the possibilities of AR, it’s not about a jack-of-all-trades situation where it’s a great opportunity to make a couple bucks. It requires a fair amount of technical know-how-to-do it the right way, and it often requires a bit of luck when it comes to getting hired. The hope is, there are some situations, where AR can add a greater "value”, and you’ll get a better chance of finding the needed place. That “right” job might be a way different from what you’ve been expecting. It could be a position in a creative agency that doesn’t involve making anything practical, but instead uses AR to create a cool fx animation. Practical types of AR experiences that aren’t AR-centric might not be as obvious as you’ve hoped. 

Another option is that you could just aim to find specific AR employers. Some companies might just be using the technology in ways that are outside the scope of AR. The idea would be to reach out the companies in a certain industry. It’s too much to ask to know how it all could collaborate in reality, and for sure, it’s going to take some time and elbow grease. Start by looking at the opportunities that are closest to you, whether it’s your nowadays job or the one, you’ve just dreamed of. 

The future of AR 

Beware the hype and the commitment. Sometimes, the promise of AR is not just hype, but, for this technology, real. The next big step for AR is translating that technology into the next generation of handsets