Advantages of a WebAR Marketing Campaign

Advantages of a WebAR Marketing Campaign

Augmented Reality marketing is set to boom in 2020 with WebAR being the driving factor in this trending form of marketing. So what's all the fuss about? Take a look at our favourite reasons WebAR should be something to consider for your next marketing campaign.

What is WebAR?

WebAR, or Web-based Augmented Reality gives users the ability to launch and view Augmented Reality experiences within a web-browser. It removes the clunky barrier to entry that previously existed, in which users would have to navigate to the App store or Play store to download the custom mobile application just to view an AR experience. WebAR opens up Augmented Reality for mass consumption, on a level that has not been seen before.

AR Accessibility

The general public previously had to go through hurdles just to experience AR. From a games point of view, this might have been okay. However from a marketing standpoint, any hurdles incur less clicks, less experiences and less interactions - ultimately less brand awareness and subsequent sales.

WebAR brings accessibility to the Augmented Reality landscape, allows marketers to create experiences that can easily go viral and create electrifying AR marketing campaigns. All WebAR marketing campaigns developed by Aircards use WebAR technology that is compatible on over 2.9 Billion mobile devices - a marketers dream.

ROI-Driven Experiences

We ignore gimmicks and focus on real use-case. Aircards WebAR experiences feature clear Call-to-Actions, often coupled with the ability for users to redeem custom offers so that the brand can drive sales straight from the AR experience.

Our recent client, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, launched an Augmented Reality direct mail campaign which featured a direct click-through to their new HPE Primera software product. Driving increased brand awareness and sales of the product.

Planning Your WebAR Marketing Campaign

Ok, so you're convinced and you'd like to launch your own WebAR marketing campaign. What next? Go to Aircards, the WebAR marketing campaign experts to chat to our team and let us bring your ideas to life.