MAD Gaze

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MAD Gaze

Product company, Development company

MAD Gaze is a world's top-notch augmented reality (AR) smart glasses brand founded in 2013. With headquarters in Hong Kong and R&D offices in China, Founder and CEO Jordan Cheng is leading a team of experts with over 10 years’ experience. MAD Gaze Team dedicate in developing high-end software and hardware to the customers. Its core technologies include AR algorithm, hand gesture control and optical systems.

MAD Gaze AR smart glasses has launched 6 models since 2017 and delivered its products to over 45 countries. Partners and clients include renowned international companies such as IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Intel, ZEISS, SF Express, Qualcomm, Nissan, Fujitsu, Siemens, China Mobile, etc. Furthermore, MAD Gaze has also become an outstanding award-winning AR smart glasses brand worldwide. This reveals MAD Gaze as a promising business partner and affirmed magnate in the field. MAD Gaze is now expanding its business to Southeast Asia, European and American regions.

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