3DQR, as a pioneering QR-based augmented reality developer, contributes to solving the key challenges in the industrial sector, namely the challenges to present and explain expensive, large-sized products, which cannot be carried on-the-go. This includes the difficulty to differentiate products similar to those of competitors at first sight, to promote USPs of products which are often technical details and hard to create emotional value, and to accelerate buying decision without real products being presented in sight.

3DQR offers a new, unified, simple-to-use and cost-friendly solution for companies, agencies and individuals to create AR experiences with an innovative technology based on common QR-codes and a universal web platform. Our newly-developed AR-QR Hybrid Solution is a patent-pending image processing method, which, based on the standard of QR code, allows stable and consistent 3D positioning and tracking of unlimited number of objects in the real-world setting.