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Beautiful Makeup with Textures

Beautiful Makeup with Textures Templates

This makeup contains many textures, as well as blinking effects and patterns on the face

Screenshots & Video


about the effect:
- preset TanTiffany
- lenses
- 3d eyelashes
- lowering eyelashes
- arrows
- contouring
- highlater
- concealer under the eyes
- shine on the cheekbones and nose
- deformation (lips, eyes, nose, eyebrows)
- dark shadows
- highlighter in the corners of the eye
- mei light
- blush
- kira kira
- skin glow
- lip gloss
- 3 tapas on the screen

1. Tap - reaction to blinking (sparks fly out)
2. Tap - pattern on the face
3. Tap - only makeup

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