Enter the room (ICRC)

Discover the story of what happens when war comes to a child's bedroom by exploring the space through Augmented Reality.

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"Enter the room" invites you to live an Augmented Reality experience that pushes the feeling of presence to an unprecedented level. 

This experience begins in real life: as you hold up your iPhone, a virtual door appears in front of you. Cross the threshold and explore a little girl's bedroom, as if you were really there. Follow the evolution her life and health over the past 4 years of war, until today. 

With "Enter the room", the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and Nedd wanted to demonstrate that AR could be a revolutionary medium for storytelling; an effective way of communicating a message, portraying emotions and, ultimately, serving a larger cause. 

"Enter the room" has been relayed by many media and users around the world. It was ranked in the top 50 most downloaded free apps on the App Store, all categories included.

"Enter the room" was featured by Apple’s editorial team on the US App Store highlighting how the app “illustrates the devastating effects of war without depicting soldiers, weapons, or even the victims of violence.”



How to use it?

Using your iOS device, you walk through a virtual doorway that appears in your space. You find yourself in a child’s bedroom where war wages just outside the window.


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