Augmented Reality Drawing App - Draw images from your gallery in the real world with t he help of augmented realit

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#CopyDraw is originally a street art app and helps you to draw and paint your digital images on a real canvas or a surface of your choice. The image is "projected" in AR on the surface so that you can see it on your phones display. Adjust the visibility to see the image and your hand at the same time. Now you can use that as a blueprint. Grab a pen or spraypaint and start drawing on the wall.



How to use it?

Use it like a stencil to bring digital images into the real world. Download and print the marker image. Place it on the surface of your choice. The marker image  is the anchor that holds your image static on the surface. Select an image from your gallery. Place it on the surface how you like and start drawing.

Target images
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