Area Calculator

An Augmented Reality iOS app that makes it easy to measure different items using just a phone camera.

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Inspired by Apple’s brand new measure app, we’ve made our own. Area Calculator – CHI Software is a free accurate measurement tool to find the exact distance or area of any figure. The app is aimed to help interior designers, construction workers and during all types of amateur repair works. 

Powered by the latest AR technology (ARKit), the app measures different items using just an iPhone or iPad camera. Works on both vertical and horizontal surfaces.



How to use it?

Launch Area Calculator & watch a short tutorial. 
In the first app version, a User can:
• Select the desired metric units: meters, centimeters, feet, or inches;
• Select 1 of 4 modes for object measurement;
• Calculate the area or perimeter of the measured figure;
• Save all measurements history;
• Add to the existing or create a new measures collection;
• Share the results via messengers and social networks.


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